CHRISTUS Spohn Health Network

Your local network. Real Savings. Real Service.

The CHRISTUS Spohn Health Network is the only local hospital-based network solution that provides a comprehensive approach to your employees health care needs. Utilizing CHRISTUS Spohn services means you get real savings with real services through our local team of provider relations, client relations and a wellness staff.

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The CHRISTUS Spohn Health Network contracts with over 700 physicians, 10 hospitals, as well as numerous ancillary providers, at preferred rates that are significantly less than retail prices.  Find A CHRISTUS Health Spohn Network Provider today!

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Affordable, Accessible, exceptional Healthcare Solutions for South Texas Employers

The CHRISTUS Spohn Health Network is an expert resource for organizations needing assistance in managing their healthcare costs. We off solutions for small business owners (2 to 50 covered lives), as well as large employers (50+ covered lives).

For two decades we have helped employer groups and their employees and dependents reduce cost and improve healthcare benefits without sacrificing quality and convenience.

CHRISTUS Spohn Health Network products and service include:

  • One- on-One Consultative Services
  • Exemplary Health Network of Providers
  • Health Insurance Options and Benefits Plan Analysis
  • Educational Seminars for Physician Practice Staff
  • Disease Management
  • Health & Wellness Programs