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Bone and Joint

Severe knee or hip pain can make simple daily movement unbearably painful. Some days, just getting out of bed or walking to the mailbox can be excruciating, leading to a sedentary lifestyle that can contribute to other health problems and steal your quality of life. We strive to restore an optimum level of mobility and pain relief for patients seeking procedural or surgical intervention. Our orthopedic services and joint replacement centers provide the most advanced diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation services available.

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CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital Medical Center Achieves Top Recognition for Geriatric Care

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Medical Center (CSRH –MC), in collaboration with UT Medicine Senior Health, has achieved its highest recognition for its service to patients 65 and older. This “exemplar” designation comes through the program Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders, or NICHE. CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – Medical Center is the only hospital within the State of Texas to hold the NICHE “exemplar” designation, and it is the only site of the Acute Care of Elders (ACE) Program that has been in effect since 2010.

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The pain I had in my groin and hip area when I walked or put weight on my hip joint is gone. I’m very happy with the outcome. My experience with CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – Medical Center was great, and Dr. Morrey is excellent. I would recommend him to anyone.
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