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CHRISTUS Children's Emergency Center - Westover Hills

  • Monday 24 hr.
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  • Sunday 24 hr.

Pediatric Emergency Care

As a parent, when an emergency situation arises you want to make sure your child receives the best care possible as quickly as possible. That’s why we are dedicated to providing emergency care for kids and kids only.

Emergency vs. Urgent Care

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Emergencies can strike anyone at any time. But sometimes it can be hard to know what ailment is worthy of a trip to the emergency room vs. an urgent care center. Let our experts help you make an informed decision.

ER vs. Urgent Care?

7 Reasons to Take Your Child to an ER

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Sometimes it is easy to know when to go to the ER – a broken bone or a cut that needs stitches. But parents often struggle with the decision of whether to take their child to the ER for other reasons.

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