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Voeckler Center Facilities

The Voelcker Clincial Research Center (CRC) occupies 11,200 square feet in a stand-alone one-story building located on the Children's Hospital of San Antonio campus, approximately 300 yards from the main hospital building.

The Voelcker CRC includes:

  • Four patient exam/treatment rooms
  • A multi-purpose patient triage room
  • Two patient consultation rooms
  • Three laboratories

Large Patient Rooms

The exceptionally large patient rooms(~250 sq. ft. each) provide ample space to create multifunctional treatment areas, so that each room accommodates a variety of potential research uses. Each patient exam room contains an examination table, an infusion chair, physician table and rolling stool, two chairs for accompanying family members, and a set of table and chairs for children.


Three laboratory spaces (~300 sq. ft. each) offer apparatus suitable for sample and tissue processing and analysis. Equipment includes bench-top centrifuges, microcentrifuges, tissue culture equipment, molecular biology equipment, microbiology equipment and basic lab ware.

Processing Room/Nurses Work Area

The processing room/nurses work area (~190 sq. ft.) has a keypad entry system to maintain security, a refrigerator, and lockable cabinetry suitable for short-term storage of medication. The equipment room (~170 sq. ft.) houses two -80°C freezers and two -20°C freezers, with additional space available for liquid nitrogen storage and other equipment.

Patient Areas

The patient food preparation area contains a food refrigerator, a microwave, and other small appliances needed for preparation of dietary items for patients. A patient seating area (~325 sq. ft.) provides seating for at least 25 people. The patient triage room contains scales for infants and children, and a phlebotomy chair. A large secure file storage room (~500 sq. ft.) provides shelving and lockable filing cabinets for storage of protected health information (PHI) and other sensitive materials, tables for sorting paperwork, and adequate space for other materials, supplies and equipment.


The consenting office (~130 sq. ft.) is furnished with a large desk and consultation space for families to be fully informed and consented to participate in a clinical trial. A large meeting room is outfitted with a conference table, seating for twelve, and appropriate AV equipment. A reception/administration office (~150 sq. ft.) can accommodate up to four administrators. Two consultation rooms (~200 sq. ft.) are outfitted with round tables and chairs. Seven other offices, ranging in size from ~100 to 200 sq. ft., provide adequate space for the Director, Medical Director and other Associates, and allow space for growth.