CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System’s New Siemens Angiography System Artis Q.zen Brings High-End Technology to the Cath Lab

August 21, 2020

Texarkana, Texas – Heart care in Northeast Texas is taking yet another leap forward with the unveiling of an enhanced, state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Lab at CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System.

“CHRISTUS St. Michael provides two dedicated Cath Labs complemented by the region’s only Electrophysiology (EP) Lab,” said Jason Rounds, FACHE, CHFP, President. “We understand area residents need progressive heart care right here in our community. That is why we invested in this replacement Cath Lab, adding new, groundbreaking technology.”

“The newly rebuilt Cath Lab features the Siemens Bi-plane Artis Q.zen angiography system as part of its best-in-the-region interventional imaging services,” said Lisa Patterson, BS, CNMT, RT(N), Director of Imaging Services. “The new Artis Q system offers a revolutionary new X-ray tube and detector technology designed to improve minimally-invasive therapy of diseases such as coronary artery disease. The new X-ray tube can help physicians identify small vessels up to 70 percent better than conventional X-ray tube technology.”

In addition to the new X-ray tube, the Artis Q.zen offers software applications designed to improve interventional imaging. Physicians at CHRISTUS St. Michael are able to use the CLEARstent Live feature, which allows cardiologists to image stents with motion stabilization in real time by freezing motion. “This new technology allows us to expand our options for imaging and treatment for patients in the region,” said Patterson. “The Artis Q.zen includes a number of features that support better imaging quality at ultra-low-dose ranges, reducing radiation exposure for patients, physicians and Cath Lab staff.”

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease remains the nation’s leading cause of death. A cardiac cath provides information on how well a patient’s heart works, identifies problems, and allows for procedures to open blocked arteries and combat other forms of heart disease. In Northeast Texas, where the rates of heart disease even surpass national averages, progress in fighting, diagnosing and treating heart disease is being advanced through the technology and care provided at CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System.

“The ultramodern Cath Lab and our Artis Q.zen system have direct and immediate impact on the lives of our patients and enables us to provide technology once available in larger cities,” said Rounds. “By implementing this technology, we are demonstrating to Texarkana and the surrounding communities we serve that we are committed to offering the highest levels of care as part of our mission to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.”