Research Education


The CHRISTUS Health Office of Human Subjects Research Protection Program offers ongoing education to support safe and high-quality care to CHRISTUS research subjects. We strive to fulfill our obligations under the CHRISTUS Federal Wide Assurance and other federal regulatory guidance to assist members of the CHRISTUS research community in honing their GCP skills. Click here for an overview of our research education program. 

Statement of Commitment

“In order to fulfill our unwavering commitment for ensuring high-quality standards towards human research subject protections at CHRISTUS Health, it is vital for us to offer a comprehensive, ongoing, in-house Research Education Program. The components of our Research Education Program provide training in Good Clinical Practice (GCP), consistent with the principles of the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) E6 (R2). This program is required and available to all investigators and research personnel involved in the conduct, oversight, and/or management of research studies approved by CHRISTUS Health IRB, and other approved external IRBs.”


System Director, Research & Academics Institutional Official

Resource and Information

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Lecture Series (For All Researchers)  

“A standard for the design, conduct, performance, monitoring, auditing, recording, analyses, and reporting of clinical trials that provides assurance that the data and reported results are credible and accurate, and that rights, integrity, and confidentiality of trial subjects are protected.” -ICH Ed 1.24

The GCP lectures are focused on up-to-date and relevant information that researchers need to conduct quality, safe, and ethical research. There are at least 6 credit hours of GCP offered annually by the CHRISTUS Health IRB. Please email the CHRISTUS Health IRB to be added to the GCP notification email list at

CITI Training (For All Researchers) 

All researchers must complete CITI training at the onset of their research. The initial CITI training requirement will expire three years after the initial year the course was completed. During the three year period (prior to the expiration date), researchers can remain certified through completion of one of the following:

  • Retake the full initial CITI course
  • Take the CITI refresher courses
  • Take 12 hours of GCP credits approved by the CHRISTUS Health IRB*

*There are at least six credit hours offered annually. At least four credit hours/year for three consecutive years need to be earned to qualify.

For more information on CITI or for a CITI account please click here

Annual IRB Conference (For IRB Members and Staff) 

This annual two-day on-site event offers a unique learning opportunity to all members of IRB’s panel and office staff. The major highlights of this educational event are:

  • Conduct monthly IRB meetings in a face-to-face setting
  • Educational sessions on emerging and hot topics
  • Interactive mock role plays
  • Guest speaker session(s)Social networking events

For more information on the IRB member annual conference, please contact the CHRISTUS Health IRB.