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We believe in efficient and affordable health care. A key element of that ideal comes from fast and accurate diagnostics. Our diagnostics staff is comprised of highly trained professionals eager to identify your specific needs. Once a diagnosis has been made, the journey to recovery continues with your physician as your guide. 

All of our imaging areas are digital, meaning we’re “green.”  We’ve eliminated film and chemicals from our department. However, we have the ability to digitally print film if your referring physician requests it. A digital department allows us to be very efficient by providing our physicians the ability to access images from a secure portal on the Web so that they can review each study and the results online, or with the patient in the office. Our radiologists  interpret procedures using voice recognition. As soon as they have dictated your study, it will be available for your physician to review. This provides optimum results reporting so that your physician can be informed of your test results quickly.


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Calcium Scoring

Coronary calcium scoring is a simple, fast, safe and accurate procedure that uses a CT scan to identify buildup of plaque in the walls of the arteries of the heart. It enables the physician to estimate your risk of heart attack, detect heart disease in early stages, and even treat a heart condition before the patient experiences any symptoms of the disease.

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