3-D Mammography

What is a 3-D Mammogram? 

At CHRISTUS Health, patients can receive 3-D mammography screenings which is an effective way to detect breast cancer. These screenings are beneficial for women receiving a baseline screening, women with dense breast tissue, or a history of breast cancer.

Please note 3-D mammography may not be covered by all insurance carriers; please ask about coverage when you call to schedule. 2-D mammography is available if your insurance carrier does not cover 3-D at this time.

Benefits of 3-D Mammograms

Approved by FDA

This is the only 3-D mammogram approved by the FDA as clinically superior to traditional mammography.

Detect Invasive Cancer

Compared to conventional 2-D mammography, 3-D mammography has a 41% higher invasive breast cancer detection rate.

False Positive Reduce

It reduces the number of women (up to 40%) who are called back for unnecessary screenings due to false alarms.

Free Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

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