Hybrid OR

What is a Hybrid Operating Room? 

A Hybrid Operating Room is an advanced procedural space that combines a traditional operating room with an image-guided interventional suite. This combination allows for highly complex, advanced surgical procedures. Not only are the rooms combined but the teams are combined to form a multi-disciplinary group of clinicians prepared to meet the complex needs of each patient. 

Why is a Hybrid OR better for the patient?

A hybrid OR means better outcomes, faster recovery times and shorter hospital stay because patients can have one procedure rather than multiple procedures. It’s also safer and seamless if a minimally invasive procedure suddenly turns into an open case. A hybrid OR offers the capability to perform combined image-guided procedures with minimally invasive procedures and also allow for the combination of image guided surgery with open procedures. In other words, the Hybrid OR is better for patients, physicians and the hospitals they are performed at. 

How is a Hybrid OR used in Heart Care?

While a hybrid OR has many surgical applications, Hybrid cardiovascular interventions, which integrate techniques of interventional cardiology with those of cardiac and vascular surgery, allows us to maximize procedural benefits while minimizing invasiveness. The Hybrid OR allows all of the patient’s cardiovascular team to work together with varying perspectives to for the best balanced treatment for each patients’ needs. It also allows for a seamless transition if a minimally invasive procedure becomes an open case.