PASS (Pre-Admission Surgical Screening)

PASS is pre-admission screening that helps you get prepared for surgery. By coming to this program, you will save time on the day of your surgery since you will already be admitted to the hospital and your pre-op testing will be completed.

During your visit you may have tests, such as blood work, electrocardiograms (EKGs) and X-rays. You will also receive helpful information about what to do before and after surgery. These tests give important information about your medical condition.

Your appointment will be approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour, but could be longer if other tests are needed.

Your surgeons’ office may ask you to have a pre-op clearance.  This can be done by your primary care physician or by a Hospitalist in the PASS department.  Pre-op clearance means you will be seen by a physician who looks over your tests, takes a medical history and determines if you are “clear” for surgery.

How do I make an appointment for PASS?

Your physicians' office will schedule your surgery at CHRISTUS Health, and will then call PASS directly to make your appointment. 

Please sign in at the registration desk when you enter the building.

What do I bring with me to PASS?

  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany children to PASS to register and sign consent forms.
  • Your insurance cards, driver's license and co-payment with you to your appointment.
  • Current medications in the original bottles. Or, bring a medication list that provides the name of your medication, the dosage and how often the medication is taken.
  • A list of any past surgeries you have had. Please provide this information on the Pre-operative Screening Questionnaire.
  • Your medical history. Your medical history is extremely valuable during surgery pre-admission screening. So, please bring an adult with you who can provide that information on your behalf if you are unable to provide your medical history for yourself.
  • Your Advance Directives or Living Will, if you have one, and a copy to be included in your chart.
  • Recent Testing information: If you have had testing within 20 days, such as blood work, an EKG or a chest X-ray, please bring the reports with you or be prepared to provide the name of the physician or facility performing the test and we will attempt to retrieve this information for you.