Deep Brain Stimulation

What is DBS?

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a surgical procedure used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. A series of leads are implanted in areas of the brain that control movement. A battery-powered neurostimulator—similar in function and appearance to a cardiac pacemaker—is then implanted under the skin and controls the amount of stimulation delivered by the leads. The neurostimulator delivers electrical impulses to regulate or block abnormal motor signals. DBS is now a standard of care therapy considered for patients whose motor symptoms are not adequately controlled by medications.
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Abbott Infinity DBS System

Until recently, patients new to DBS therapy or those living with older systems may have had difficulty accessing the most advanced DBS therapy options because of the possible need for an MRI in the future. Abbott has addressed this challenge with the Infinity DBS system’s improved therapy platform—the first and only approved DBS platform in the United States to feature an MRI-ready system with directional lead. Abbott’s directional leads are designed to direct stimulation toward targeted areas of the brain to maximize patient outcomes and limit side effects. The platform’s future-ready technology is built with the ability to significantly upgrade the capabilities and new therapy features of the Infinity DBS system through simple, over-the-air updates.

The Abbott Infinity DBS System is the world’s first and only DBS system operating on a Bluetooth iOS software platform using Apple technology. Clinicians can streamline the programming process with an iPad mini device using Abbott’s new Informity™ Programming Software to become more efficient in their practice and achieve optimal outcomes with directional leads. Patients can discreetly manage their symptoms with their Infinity DBS System iPod touch controller. In addition to using familiar Apple technology, patients benefit from a recharge-free DBS device with the Infinity DBS system. This means people living with their Infinity DBS system do not need to be reminded of their condition and pause from their daily activities to charge their battery as with other systems.


How Can Deep Brain Stimulation Help?

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Is DBS Right for You?
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You may be a candidate for DBS therapy if you have Parkinson's disease or another movement disorder, such as essential tremor.

The National Parkinson Foundation outlines the traits that may make you a good fit for DBS:

  • You have experienced Parkinson's symptoms for five or more years.
  • Your symptoms respond well to medications for Parkinson's, but the drug's effects may not last for you.
  • Your symptoms have fluctuated and may have included dyskinesia.
  • Medications such as selegiline, entacapone, amantadine or tolcapone have not worked.
  • Your Parkinson's symptoms disrupt your lifestyle and inhibit your regular activities.

If you have essential tremor, the following traits may make you a good fit for DBS:

  • Medications have failed to control the symptoms of your condition.
  • Your tremor interferes with your ability to perform everyday activities.

Speak with your doctor to find out if the Abbott Infinity DBS System is right for you.