Athletic Training

The primary goal of every trainer and physician at our center is to provide care that ensures athletes are able to return to the highest level of competition in a safe manner. When it comes to caring for patients, our team focuses heavily on injury prevention and management.

Every single member of our staff is trained and educated to the highest caliber. Our facility is the only one that holds a license to provide CEUs (continuing education units) specifically for athletic trainers. We truly believe there is never a point where you stop learning.  All individuals are licensed and board certified by Texas.

Each team member takes it upon themselves to become experienced in recognizing trauma and how to treat it. From the field to the court to anywhere they are needed, our trainers work side by side with nurses, physicians, LPNs, physical therapists, and other medical staff to determine whether the care needed is minor or needs to be taken higher to a more serious level. No matter the urgency or stage you are in your athletic training process, our staff is fully equipped and prepared to treat your every need.

  • On field/court support at all school sporting events
  • Rehabilitation with injured athletes
  • Injury prevention training


  • Selective Transitional Athletic Rehab (STAR)
    The CHRISTUS liaison between injury rehabilitation and sports performance. We can bridge the gap for your continued care plan with individualized workout programs that allow you to strengthen and recover before returning to play protocol.