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Taking human performance to the next level

The CHRISTUS Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute is taking physical function and performance to the next level with its state-of-the-art Human Performance Center (HPC), offering athlete training programs, extended recovery/rehabilitation treatment beyond primary rehab services, and a groundbreaking pre-surgical fitness intervention program too accelerate recovery.

The HPC is a passion filled, purpose and results driven, performance enhancement center. We are here to help you take charge of your personal, professional, or athletic performance goals.

Whether it’s an athlete looking to improve performance in competition, or a patient wanting to improve function beyond traditional rehabilitation and physical therapy, the HPC can assist in setting and attaining goals through one of its many Peak Performance Programs.

Access to the Human Performance Center and Peak Performance Programs are available as part of a prescribed treatment plan, but may also be accessed directly by participants without a medical referral.

  • Sports Performance Training – Athletes can raise their game to the next level by training the sport-specific energy systems and demands of their sport.
  • Adult Training – Specialized functional and movement training for adults looking to take control of their physical lifestyles.
  • Youth Training – Young athletes will learn to properly train motor behavior patterns by becoming stronger, learning to move faster, and gain confidence each and every day.
  • Individualized Structural Balance Assessment – Collecting individual data to correct imbalances.
  • Medical Fitness – Medically integrated programs designed specifically for the patients of CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System.
  • Team and Organization Training – Team building through fitness for business organizations and sports teams.

Peak Performance

Advanced Sports Performance Training

CHRISTUS Human Performance Center’s Advanced Sports Performance Training packages are built for high school and college athletes. We will work on YOUR goals. If your goal is to add lean muscle mass, get stronger or more powerful, jump higher, or run faster, our programs are tailored specifically for YOU!

Personal Training

CHRISTUS Human Performance Center’s Personal Training packages are built for the general population and weekend warriors. We are to take your goals to the next level by working your plan! If you are looking to run a 5k, prepare for a triathlon, lose weight or gain muscle mass, we are here for your journey.

Youth Sports Performance Training

CHRISTUS Human Performance Center’s Youth Sports Performance Training packages are built for young athletes. We will train you on how to move properly by teaching proper mechanics and movement patterns. We will be putting the FUN in fundamentals.

Meet Our Team

With a level of expertise unparalleled in the region, the highly trained HPC staff provides one-on-one training through a variety of programs to improve movement, agility and ability, resulting in a significant impact on the health, recovery and performance of participants.