Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute

The Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute in Longview simplifies the healing process for orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, strokes, and more.

Our team of doctors, surgeons and therapists work together to make a plan that will help you heal and gain strength. We find the best path to help you heal faster, play better, and avoid getting hurt again. We create a unique treatment plan and care routine just for you, so you can be the strongest you can be.

Our approach aims to help you progress faster toward your health goals, provide a more positive overall experience, and put you on a path to long-term health, recovery and strength.

Save time and effort with our convenient, all-in-one facility, where you can consult with your therapists and care team in a single visit:

  • Diabetes Education
  • Fitness and Aquatics Center
  • Hand and Occupational Therapy
  • Orthopedics
  • Physical Therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Radiology Services
  • Speech Therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Stroke Rehabilitation

Institute for Healthy Living

Fitness and Aquatics Center

The Institute for Healthy Living offers a clean, professional gym and aquatics center where you can stay fit, recover from an injury, and get the attention you need to improve your overall health.

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Programs and Services

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy 

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute also offers blood flow restriction therapy, which can be used for various individuals, including athletes, healthy individuals seeking to maximize their workout, and those recovering from an injury or surgery.

The therapy can also help patients with joint pain or other issues that may limit their ability to perform traditional exercises.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy is simple - by restricting blood flow to an area, the muscles must work harder as they are starved of oxygen. This results in greater muscle activation and growth, even with lighter weights. Additionally, it can reduce joint stress and pain, making it a great option for those with injuries or joint issues.

Our experienced team is dedicated to guiding you through the process safely and effectively.

Bridge to Performance 

The Bridge Program is designed to help patients transition from rehabilitation to their highest fitness potential. For example, if someone has a bad knee that prevents them from playing golf, they may undergo conservative treatment or surgery as needed.

Once the patient has completed their rehabilitation and their knee is functioning properly, they may still need to build up the strength and endurance required to play at their highest fitness potential. This is where the Bridge Program comes in - it offers a specialized training program tailored to the patient's needs and goals.

Through the Bridge Program, patients can develop the skills and fitness level required to return to their favorite activities, whether golfing, running, or other sports and activities. By focusing on building strength, endurance, and overall fitness, patients can achieve optimal outcomes and return to the activities they love with renewed strength and confidence.

By combining tailored treatments, therapies, and lifestyle changes, patients can experience a successful recovery from musculoskeletal injuries.

The expert team of healthcare providers identifies the specific components needed for each patient based on the nature and severity of their injury, age, health status, and lifestyle factors.

Diabetes Education Program  

Diabetes education helps those with diabetes or those at risk of developing diabetes learn about the condition and its management. Diabetes education helps patients understand what diabetes is, how to prevent it, how to manage it, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

As an ADA-recognized quality diabetes education program, we follow the national standards for diabetes self-management and education. We help with many areas related to diabetes self-care, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Insulin injection technique
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Being more active
  • Healthy eating
  • Carbohydrate counting
  • Coping skills
  • Reducing risks and preventing complications
  • Pregnancy and diabetes Insulin pump therapy
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
Fitness and Aquatics Center 

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  •  24-hour fitness
  •  Aquatic center with four pools
  •  Inside and outside walking paths
  •  A fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment
  •  Personal training, group classes, and aquatic center fitness

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Occupational & Hand Therapy 

Our Occupational Therapy team at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute in Longview provides skilled treatment that helps individuals achieve independence in all areas of their lives and gives them the skills to lead satisfying lives.

The specialized services offered by our Occupational Therapy team include:

  • Certified Hand Therapists provide specialized upper extremity rehabilitation programs and custom splinting. Our hand specialists provide preventative, non-operative, conservative treatment, and post-operative rehab. Our hand therapy specialists can effectively evaluate and treat complex upper extremity conditions of the hands or arms.
  • Stroke rehabilitation program provided by experienced clinicians with specialized training
  • Parkinson’s Disease rehabilitation
  • Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (Graston Technique)
  • Blood Flow Restriction therapy
  • Kinesiology Taping


Physical Therapy 

We offer a one-on-one, individualized treatment approach that may include the following therapeutic techniques:

  • Lymphedema Therapy helps treat patients with lymphedema, swelling caused by the buildup of lymph fluid in the body.
  • Dry Needling treats myofascial pain caused by the buildup of tension in your muscles. Dry needling can also be used to treat chronic pain.
  • The Blood Flow Restriction Program allows people to rehabilitate muscles to build or strengthen muscles quickly.
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Core stabilization
  • Gait and balance training
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Manual therapy
  • The Graston Technique®
  •  Physical agent modalities, as indicated
  •  Postural education
  •  Stretching and strengthening
  •  Therapeutic Exercise
  •  Gait and Running Assessments
  •  Mechanical Lumbar Cervical Traction Table and Unit


Podiatry services at the Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute in Longview provide care for numerous foot and ankle conditions to restore your quality of life.

Our doctors specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating ankles, feet, conditions, and injuries related to the lower leg.

Ranging from diabetic-foot infections to ingrown toenails, the podiatry team works to restore your quality of life.

Speech Therapy 

Speech therapy, or speech-language pathology, is a specialized medical treatment for swallowing and communication disorders. Our team of speech-language pathologists at the Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute is dedicated to diagnosing and treating various conditions related to speech, language, cognition, swallowing, voice, and fluency.

Speech Therapy Services

Our experienced speech-language pathologists commonly provide services for the following:

  • Apraxia - difficulty with speech production
  • Aphasia - difficulty expressing or understanding language
  • Dysphagia - difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Dysphonia - changes in the quality or loudness of voice

Additionally, we offer the management of changes in cognitive skills, including memory, problem-solving, attention, and reasoning.

Specialty services that we offer include:

  • Lymphedema therapy for post-radiation treatment involving head/neck areas
  • Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)
  • Pre- and post-laryngectomy care, including Tracheoesophageal Prosthesis management
  • Speak Out!® for Parkinson's disease treatment
  • Laryngeal video exams with stroboscopy
  • McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Program (MDTP)
  • Ampcare (EST) /Neuromuscular electrical stimulation for dysphagia treatment

Sports Medicine 

Sports Medicine provides comprehensive care for individuals of all ages and abilities. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, our team of experts helps patients recover from injury, regain peak performance, and minimize future injuries.

  • CHRISTUS’ sports medicine physicians are highly trained and experienced in providing care for patients of all types.
  • Our multidisciplinary team of orthopedic and sports medicine specialists, including physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength coaches, and other healthcare professionals, are dedicated to providing quality care for athletes to optimize their performance.
  • We strive to ensure that athletes of all levels can safely return to their sports or activity and remain healthy and active.

Stroke Rehabilitation 

Our specialized stroke rehabilitation service providers provide quality, compassionate care.

All therapies educate and involve you and the caregiver in order to maximize the benefits of therapy.

Rehabilitation is the centerpiece of the stroke recovery process. It helps those regain lost skills and learn to compensate for damage that can't be undone. The goal is to help restore as much independence as possible.

Stroke rehabilitation can also provide psychological support to cope with the emotional effects of stroke.

Benefits of stroke rehabilitation include:

  • Improved strength and mobility, allowing for greater independence
  • Reduced risk of depression and other emotional problems
  • Regaining lost skills, such as the ability to speak or walk
  • Improving coordination, balance, and posture
  • Developing strategies
  • Learn new ways to perform everyday tasks
  • Clinicians trained in Neurodevelopmental Technique
  • Bioness® Functional Electrical Stimulation System

The type of rehabilitation a person receives will depend on the severity of the stroke, the location of the brain affected by the stroke, and any other medical conditions.

Getting Your Body to Its Highest Potential

Woman doing yoga in the park

We aim to ensure your body performs at its highest potential by focusing on conditions and injuries affecting joints, bones, and muscles.

Conditions We Treat:

  • Pain in the ankle, back, foot, heel, hip, knee, neck, and shoulder
  • Pain from arthritis
  • Concussions
  • Disc diseases
  • Fractures
  • Joint injuries and replacement
  • Leg muscle injuries, sprains and strains
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Overuse injuries
  • Poor balance
  • Pre- and post-surgical conditions
  • Sports injuries
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Work-related Injuries

Highly Qualified Experts

Our team of experts offers unified treatment from multiple medical disciplines located in one facility.

Our team of experienced rehabilitation clinicians offers targeted therapies and personalized programs to suit the patient's unique needs and promote their well-being.

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