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Our Approach

If you are armed with the knowledge that cancer runs in your family, you can count yourself a step ahead by knowing your risk factors. When it comes to cancer, early detection can save your life. This is why CHRISTUS Ochsner Health Southwestern Louisiana is proud to announce our Wellness, Screening and Genetics initiative, the first comprehensive, integrated program of its kind in Southwest Louisiana.

By offering newly developed tools for identifying both genetic and lifestyle cancer risk, advanced imaging technology and personalized management of cancer risk, this program enables patients to understand and address their risk at a much earlier stage in their lives.

The three primary areas the program will focus on include:


A Nurse Navigator is assigned to all patients who are higher than average risk for developing breast cancer
Lifestyle recommendations are made and managed for patients who need to reduce their weight and stress for improved wellness


Three-dimensional mammography screening is performed to improve image quality and enable the identification of lesions that typically hide in dense breast tissue
Three-dimensional ultrasound as well as Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging is used to further investigate suspicious tissue
Three-dimensional mammography biopsy is performed to determine tissue type and rule out suspicious tissue


Genetic and familial risk is identified by using risk tools that focus on Hereditary and Lifetime Risk
Tele-Genetics education and counseling is provided to qualifying patients by our licensed professionals, and if needed Genetic testing is performed to evaluate Hereditary risk
Follow-up consultation is provided by our team of providers who have been educated in Genetics

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CHRISTUS Ochsner Lake Area Hospital
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