COVID-19 Response

CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System is fully equipped to provide safe, quality care to our communities. Learn More

CHRISTUS Virtual Medicine

Video and telephone visits are now available. A convenient way to meet with your provider from anywhere, including the comfort of your own home.
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Now offering a new screening tool - Antibodies Test for COVID-19

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Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation is ideal for those who have experienced a heart attack, have had heart surgery, have had a heart-related procedure such as a cardiac stent or angioplasty, chest pain or congestive heart failure.

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COVID-19: CHRISTUS St. Michael Atlanta Information and Updates

CHRISTUS Health announced today it is now offering a new screening tool to some patients, as well as doctors, nurses and other CHRISTUS Associates on the frontlines to learn who has been infected with COVID-19—AND—who might now carry protective antibodies.


CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital - Atlanta Serving Community Healthcare Needs

CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital - Atlanta (CSMH-Atlanta) stands ready to meet the healthcare needs of Cass County and surrounding community residents as our world has been navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic.


CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital - Atlanta Re-designated with Prestigious Level III Stroke Designation

CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital - Atlanta has been re-designated by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a Support (Level III) Stroke Facility in Trauma Service Area-F, continuing their tradition of providing high-quality, lifesaving care to the people of Cass County and the surrounding region.

Ward suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. He experienced mild chest discomfort and felt “a bit strange” but certainly didn’t believe he was about to have a myocardial infarction, better known as a heart attack.
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