Outpatient Rehabilitation

We provide comprehensive outpatient therapy services directed toward our patients developing and reaching optional levels of everyday function. Working as your health care partner, we can successfully help you in reaching your fullest potential whether you are recovering from an injury (sports, back injury, or work-related injury), a stroke, cancer or learning to cope with a physical ailment. Our team of dedicated professionals also teaches you home therapy techniques so you can continue your rehabilitation while at home. 

Our outpatient rehabilitation provides one-on-one, quality care to our patients. You and your therapist will develop a plan to help you meet your goals. All of your time in your treatment session will be spent with your therapist, focusing on you and your recovery. 


Stroke Rehab

Stroke Recovery

Our specialized stroke rehabilitation service providers are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care. All therapies educate and involve you and the caregiver in order to maximize the benefits of therapy. Rehabilitation is the centerpiece of the stroke recovery process.

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