Cancer Rehab

Cancer and its treatments can sometimes have lasting effects. Our specially-trained professionals create individualized goals and treatment plans to address each patient's needs. We help cancer patients manage treatment-related conditions through outpatient rehabilitation treatments, including physical and occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. 

Our Cancer Rehab Program provides services for the following:

Mobility: Walking safely in and outside your home and as well as safely climbing stairs. 

Pain Management and Symptom Control: Pain reduction modalities, such as heat/cold applications as well as dry needing.

Physical Abilities: Hands-on techniques to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and coordination. 

Exercise Programs: Specialized exercise programs to address problems affecting your ability to function.

Family Training: Assisting your family members/caregivers on how to safely assist you during transfer and during walking or exercise.

Lymphedema Services: Prevention and treatment for edema and lymphedema, including manual lymphatic drainage and custom garment fitting.