Speech Therapy

What is Speech Therapy for Adults?

Speech therapy for adults is a type of therapy to help individuals improve their communication skills. It may involve activities such as practicing how to correctly pronounce words and phrases. It may also involve learning new ways to communicate or using gestures and facial expressions to communicate..

What does speech therapy consist of?

Therapists in speech therapy use a variety of techniques to improve a patient’s communication skills. These techniques consist of exercising muscles used for speech to help the patient pronounce the sound and words correctly. The therapists also provide guidance on how to best communicate with others.

When do I know that I need speech therapy?

If you are experiencing difficulty communicating or speaking then it may be beneficial to seek speech therapy. Many people who stutter also find speech therapy to be beneficial. You should consult with a speech therapist to determine if therapy would be right for you. Speech therapy is for those of any age based on the communication needs of the individual.

How long does speech therapy take for a full recovery?

The amount of time that is needed for speech therapy to recover from a speech disorder will depend on several factors, including the severity of the disorder and the individual’s ability to heal from injuries or conditions that impact their speech. It can take a few months to several years for an individual with speech disorder to fully recovery.