Make an Investment in Your Health for Life

At our core, you will find a dedication to philanthropy that has supported our health care services for 80 years. It is the generosity of our grateful patients and their families, as well as our “health” investors that have made a way for us to continue to provide the best in health care.


Welcome to the CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Foundation! Every day we are blessed to feel firsthand the collective passion of our donors, partners, board members and Associates. As a nonprofit organization, we cannot exist, cannot reach our dreams or come close to fulfilling our mission without you.


Dedicating your time and efforts to making a difference is truly invaluable. The CHRISTUS Trinity Mother of Frances Foundation’s events are centered on creating change, invoking hope, and ensuring a brighter tomorrow for our patients and their families.


Any gift contributed to the CHRISTUS Trinity Mother of Frances Foundation, no matter the amount, impacts the lives of our patients and their families. From donating to The Children’s Miracle Network to being involved in our Grateful Patient program, the Foundation offers exceptional opportunities you can utilize to help those in need of care.

Blake Barney 2019 Children's Miracle Network Child

Sometimes the biggest personalities come in small packages.  This is certainly true for 2019 Miracle Child, Blake Barney.  As parents Siobhan and Charles, and sister, Logan know, Blake will stop at nothing to get where she wants, either on all fours or cruising in her gait trainer.