Breast Cancer Awareness

Now is the time to take control of your health. Let's get started together.

At CHRISTUS Health our board certified providers offer each patient compassionate, quality care using the latest technology and treatments.

Request a Mammogram

If this is a medical emergency please call 9-1-1. Patients from the Texarkana region will need a physician/provider referral to schedule a mammogram. You can ask your physician to schedule an appointment for your 3D HD mammogram by calling 903-614-2773.

Early Detection is Key

You’re busy and probably just getting busier. It feels like the last thing you have time for is yourself, but there’s only one you. So you should be at the top of your list.

There are many ways to take control of your breast health care, including performing monthly breast self-exams and undergoing yearly mammograms. Our professional and board certified physicians provide you with comprehensive care and rehabilitation.

We provide the technology and resources for early cancer detection, providing educational materials, guidance, and advanced screening technologies that can help detect and diagnose any abnormalities.

More than 200,000 new cases of breast cancer are discovered in the U.S. each year. We know the value of early detection. Mammography is a tool we use to identify potential issues.

An X-ray of the breast, mammography is used to look for breast disease in both women and men. It is a non-invasive, outpatient procedure that is generally not painful. If you have questions about your test or the results, your doctor or nurse can answer all of your questions.

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