Brain & Spinal Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, brain and spinal cancer affect less than 1% of people in the United States. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, we understand the multitude of emotions you are enduring. Rest assured, our board-certified oncologists and medical professionals provide our patients with exceptional care and support during this challenging time.

A tumor on the brain

Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is when malignant (cancerous) tumors grow and spread on your brain. When cancerous brain tumors are present, you can experience many symptoms depending on the size, location, and growth rate. Common symptoms include headaches, severe migraines, nausea, vision problems, loss of movement or sensation in arms or legs, speech difficulties, or seizures. If you have experienced any of these, we suggest contacting your CHRISTUS physician.

3d illustration of a spinal tumor

Spinal Cancer

A spinal tumor can cause a great deal of pain, permanent damage and can even be life-threatening. They can grow and spread affecting your spine, nerves, blood vessels and bones. Common symptoms may include, chronic back pain, sensitivity to heat and cold, less bowel function, difficulty walking, muscle weakness, or loss of sensation in arms and legs. Contact a CHRISTUS physician if you are experiencing any symptoms.

Treatments Options

External Beam Irradiation

The Elekta Infinity linear accelerator at CHRISTUS Health provides high-precision treatment for the brain and spine. The Elekta Infinity linac also offers volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), which often provides faster and more precise radiation delivery to the brain and spine.

Hexapod 6DoF Robotic Couch

The Elekta Hexapod™ device allows the radiation oncology to make fine adjustments to patient tilt prior to each radiation treatment. This allows us to correct for small day-to-day differences in positioning, further improving the precision of treatment.