Additional Information

Eligibility Criteria 

Non-Exclusive List of Potential Lead Organizations   

i) Non-profit community-based organizations having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS and not classified as a private foundation. 

ii) Collaborations can include: 

1) State, County, City, or Township Governments 

2) Independent School Districts 

3) Public or State Controlled Institutions of Higher Education 

4) Public Housing Authorities 

5) Hospital systems can be a part of a collaboration but cannot serve as the lead applicant 

Guiding Principles. Proposed solutions should align with the following guiding principles:  

  • Must be consistent with CHRISTUS Health’s values, support its mission and the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Focus on evidence-based, age appropriate interventions
  • Emphasize wellness and/or prevention
  • Increase the capacity of persons and groups to become self-sufficient;
  • Increase collaboration with existing community initiatives
  • Develop systems and processes and/or leverage best practices to attract outside funding
  • Produce tangible, measurable outcomes

Funding Exclusions. Grant recipients may not use funds for:

  • Indirect costs greater than 15%
  • Biomedical Research
  • Endowments or capital campaigns
  • Capital expenses, construction projects, purchases of large equipment
  • Fundraising activities or event sponsorships
  • Individual or single special event
  • Direct delivery of reimbursable health care services
  • Grants or scholarships to individuals
  • Advertising reimbursement of pre-award costs is not allowed
  • Existing obligations or debt liability
  • Lobbying activities including, but not limited to; publicity or propaganda purpose; preparation, distribution, or use of any material designed to support or defeat the enactment of legislation before any legislative body. 
Grant Agreement 
Each community partner will be required to sign a grant agreement before funds are disbursed.  Signed grant agreements must be received within 45 days of award notification or awards will be revoked, unless alternative arrangements were agreed upon in writing by Grant Administrator and awarded community organization. Payment schedules will be determined for each grant.
Grant Conditional or Match Requirements  

For awards contingent on a condition(s), the condition(s) must be met within six months from the date of approval of the award or else the award will be revoked.

For awards contingent on a match, the grantee must secure matching funds and show proof of commitment (i.e., award letter or copy of check) before funds will be released. Only funds secured during the submitted grant cycle or within six months after the date of an award approval may be considered matching funds for a grant.

Grant Progress Reports  
Each awarded program will complete and submit financial and outcome specific progress reports using standardized reporting tools. These forms are intended to enable CHRISTUS Community Impact Fund staff to monitor goals and outcomes as documented in the grant agreement. The CHRISTUS Community Impact Fund uses an online tool to track progress and the link will be provide to each awarded program. 
Request for Extension or Change of Scope  
Requests for extensions beyond the standard one-year grant period may be approved or denied at the direction of the CHRISTUS Community Impact Fund staff following careful evaluation of circumstances. CHRISTUS Community Impact Fund staff may elect to request return of funds if circumstances do not warrant the approval of an extension. Requests for major changes of scope will be re-evaluated by the Committee as necessary. Minor changes of scope may be approved at the discretion of the CHRISTUS Community Impact Fund staff. 
Refunding Opportunities  

A program may be considered for additional year(s) of funding to ensure sustainability if the program has:

  • Successfully met goals and objectives.
  • Spent funds as approved; and presented timely and informative progress reports.