9 Reasons You Should Review Your Medicare Plan During Open Enrollment

Anything from moving to a new area to having a change in health can affect your Medicare coverage, and it is crucial to consider these changes, especially during open enrollment.

You can sign up for a different health or prescription drug plan through Medicare every year. You can compare your needs with your current plan's changes in 2023. If you think you can find a better deal elsewhere, don't hesitate to ask for help or Medicare.

1) Change in Health

If your health needs have changed, you may need a plan that better suits those needs. Medicare A and B do not cover everything you might need. For example, Medicare does not cover nonemergency transportation. Learn more about the different types of Medicare here.

2) Moving to a new location

If you move to a different county area, the plans available may be different, and it might make sense to switch.

3) Plan discontinuation or termination:

If your current plan is no longer offered or terminates, you may need to switch to a different plan.

4) Changes in premiums and out-of-pocket costs: 

If the cost of your plan changes significantly, it may be worth looking into switching plans.

5) Availability of new plans: 

As new plans become available, it may be worth considering switching to one that better fits your needs.

6) Changes in provider networks: 

If your preferred healthcare providers are no longer covered under your plan, you may want to switch plans.

7) Plan customer satisfaction:

It may be worth switching if you are consistently unhappy with your plan's services and customer support.

8) Changes in supplemental coverage:

If your employer or other supplemental coverage changes, it may affect the Medicare plan that makes the most sense for you.

9) Retirement or employment changes:

As your income and employment status change, it may also change what type of Medicare plan is best for you.


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