The staff that I was surrounded by and shadowed, including the entire echocardiogram staff, were hands down the best. They made me feel so welcomed and encouraged me in everything I did. They allowed me to ask any questions and made me known to everyone we encountered. This staff alone makes me beyond excited for my future career, and hopefully when the time comes a future place for me to work. This experience has led me to say nothing but amazing things about CHRISTUS Good Shepherd itself as a whole and for their staff. I hope in my future I get the opportunity to work with these amazing people that gave me the privilege to shadow underneath and spend time with. CHRISTUS is very lucky to have these people represent them and work for them without a doubt. I hope one day I get to share that opportunity to work with them on a professional level. So much respect for these teachers. I could seriously go on and on. My preceptor especially helped me so much and furthered my knowledge in the echo field and has prepared me so much for what to expect. I am so appreciative for him and everyone else that has helped me. THANK YOU!!!

The entire Job Shadow experience was wonderful!

The preceptors were really open and accepting, as well as being great about explaining steps to me. During my shadowing, they would explain what they were doing with patients and why.

My preceptor was incredibly caring, compassionate, helpful and welcoming. He made me realize I want to pursue a career as an ED RN.

My preceptor was very nice and was teaching me every minute I was with her. She was very informative and gave great advice to pursue my future career.

All of the preceptors helped me and influenced me in a positive way, and they taught me things that I will carry for the rest of my career.

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