System Director, Research & Academics; Institutional Official

Pukar Ratti System Director, Research & Academics 

CHRISTUS Institute for Innovation & Advanced Clinical Care

919 Hidden Ridge

Irving, Texas 75063 USA

Office: (469) 282-2220

Email: Pukar.Ratti@christushealth.org

Assistant: Lisa Horton | Lisa.Horton@christushealth.org | (469) 282-2228

Current Appointments

Past Appointments

  • System Director, Research, CHRISTUS Health, TX
  • Director of Clinical Research and BioBank, Ochsner Health System, LA
  • Manager of Clinical Research, LSU Health System, LA
  • Research Associate, LSU Health Sciences Center, LA
  • Associate Faculty (Adjunct), University of Phoenix, AZ
  • Assistant Professor (Adjunct), Rutgers University, NJ
  • Clinical Preceptor, Dillard University, LA

Education and Training

  • Fellow, American College of Medical Practice Executives, 2010
  • Certified Clinical Research Professional, SoCRA, 2009
  • Certified IRB Manager, NAIM, 2008
  • MS, University of New Orleans, 2008
  • MS, University of South Alabama, 2005

Selected Publications

  • Brunet M, Mock P, Wylie JC, Tarnow G, Ratti P. Emergency Implementation of an Investigational COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Expanded Access Program across Multicenter Community-based Health System during a Global Pandemic Crisis. SoCRA Souce: J Clin Res Excellence. 107(1); 27-38; 2021
  • Ratti P, ABC's of Establishing and Managing an Ethically-sound BioBank. SoCRA Source: J Clin Res Excellence. 103(1); 51-61; 2020
  • Ratti P, Henry MB, Rao S. Deployment of a comprehensive CRC-centric 5-Prong Recruitment, Engagement, Enjoyment, Advancement, and Retention (REEAR) Operational Model to Augment the Overall Job Satisfaction of a Clinical Research Workforce: A single Health System-based Clinical Research Institute Experience. SoCRA Source: J Clin Res Excellence. 96(1); 12-20; 2018
  • Ratti P, Zeringue M, Ascani, J, D’Amico N, Estrade M, Messina S, Butitta B, Bozzelle K, Bradley A. Measuring Utilization Impact of Systematically Planned and Organized Social Events on Research Employee Engagement at a Single Academic Health System. SoCRA Source: J Clin Res Excellence. 94(1); 60-72; 2017
  • Ratti P, Zeringue, M. Enhancing Engagement, Recognition, and Retention of Clinical Research Professional Workforce via Introduction of A Formal Clinical Research Ladder Program at A Regional Health System. SoCRA Source: J Clin Res Excellence. 93(1); 46-56; 2017
  • Hurst CS, Ratti P, Brown-Joseph L, Cronin M. Enhancing skills for clinical research associates through hands-on clinical practicums. Clinical Researcher (ACRP). 29(6); 20-25; 2015
  • Hurst CS, Ratti P, Brown-Joseph L. Optimization of adult learner experiences by clinical research preceptors via application of androgogical principles. SoCRA Source: J Clin Res Excellence. 86(1); 13-20; 2015
  • Ratti P, Ferguson TG. MATCH: A pilot study for effectively mapping alternate study teams of resident-initiated medical research projects at a rural community hospital. The Monitor (ACRP). 26(6); 31-37; 2012
  • Ratti P. Promoting medical research in/for rural America: a realistic magnum opus. ACMPE Executive View. 7(1);16-18; 2011
  • Ratti P. Billing errors in clinical research: is there room to say “oops…”? The Monitor (ACRP). 23(6); 42-47; 2009
  • Ratti P. Pubmed Citations