superDimension iLogic

What is a superDimension i-Logic System?

The superDimension i-Logic System, also known as Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB)™, extends the reach of the bronchoscope to regions deep in the lung. Through proprietary software and electromagnetic technology, the system takes advantage of natural airway access and enables physicians to locate small lung lesions for diagnostic testing and potential treatment.

During the planning phase, the i-Logic planning software utilizes a standard pre-operative CT image of the lungs to create a roadmap to the lesion.

This three-dimensional roadmap is transferred to the procedure (or navigation) phase where an electromagnetic localization system tracks the real-time position of a guide catheter with a location sensor at its tip to the target lesion area in the lungs. Once arriving at the target the location sensor is removed and the guide catheter provides a channel for diagnostic or therapeutic tools.

Two-thirds of all lung lesions are outside the reach of a bronchoscope.

The i-Logic System starts where the bronchoscope ends, enabling physicians to navigate to the boundaries of the lungs to locate, enable biopsy, and plan treatment using natural airway access (making it minimally invasive). Most patients diagnosed with lung cancer are not surgical candidates, however, the i-Logic System provides safe and efficient access to stage and prepare to treat lung lesions in non-operable patients.