Cardiac Rehabilitation

Rehab for Cardiac Patients

After a heart attack, cardiovascular surgery, or heart-related treatment, CHRISTUS Health can help cardiovascular patients to improve their quality of life with cardiac rehabilitation. Cardiac rehabilitation incorporates specialized cardiovascular and strength training regimens that put patients on the road to recovery and allow them to feel and function better. It also educates patients on how to live a healthier life moving forward. Our goal is to help patients feel better, become stronger, and decrease their risk of developing future heart problems.

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Three Components of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Exercise Training

Exercise training helps patients learn how to exercise safely, strengthen muscles, and improve stamina. Exercises promote a combination of upper and lower extremity strength and aerobic conditioning.


A patient and their families will receive education, counseling, and training to help them understand their heart condition and reduce the risk of future heart problems.

Support System

By sharing similar experiences with other participants, patients and their families gain confidence that they are not alone in their battle against heart disease, and they are inspired to keep trying.

An elderly black woman doing cardiac rehabilitation with her therapist

What are the Goals of Rehab?

The goals of cardiac rehabilitation are different for each patient. The cardiac rehabilitation staff helps patients set their own personal goals by evaluating their general health, disease process, risks for future heart problems, doctor recommendations, and their own preferences and desires.

When to Start Rehab?

Usually, range of motion exercises and a walking program are started within 24 hours after a cardiac event. Depending on the patient's condition, outpatient cardiac rehabilitation begins two to four weeks after discharge from the hospital.

A senior Asian man doing cardiac rehabilitation with his therapist
An elderly African-American man sitting on an exercise ball doing cardiac rehabilitation with his therapist

When Does Rehab Stop?

Once our patients are able to exercise independently, we will discharge them. Although patients "graduate" from our cardiac rehabilitation program, they now have the knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle.