Cardiothoracic Robotic Surgery

Cardiothoracic - Da Vinci Robotic Surgical Systems®

The Da Vinci Robotic Surgical Systems® is the most advanced robotic surgery minimally invasive technology in the world and our surgeons are leaders in this pioneering surgical technique that reduces pain, promotes shorter recovery time and faster healing. With robot-assisted coronary artery bypass graft surgery, patients no longer must endure having their chest cracked. Instead, the surgeon makes a three- to five-inch incision under the left breast along with three small holes that allow access to the robot instrument arms.

How is Cardiac Robotic Surgery Done?

This new technique eliminates the need to open a 2-3 inch area between the ribs to allow room to hand-sew the bypass from outside the body. Instead, small port holes are used for the surgeon-controlled robotic arms to perform the procedure. The port holes are small enough to allow coverage by an average-size bandage after surgery. In addition, a section of the mammary vessel from the inside of the chest wall is harvested instead of the traditional harvesting of the saphenous vein. This eliminates the extra incision on the inside of the leg.  

A heart surgeon performing a robotic procedure

Benefits to Robotic Surgery

Additionally, the bypass graft is harvested using minimally invasive techniques. Because there is less trauma to the body, healing is faster, complications are less likely and pain is minimal compared to traditional bypass surgery. Patients generally go home in three to four days and are back to their regular routine within about two weeks, compared to eight weeks of recovery following a traditional open-heart surgery that involves accessing the heart through an open chest.

A happy Hispanic family outdoors and the grandma is recovering from a heart procedure