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Balance in daily life.

Balance is vital to normal everyday life activities such as getting out of a chair and walking, bending over to put on your shoes, washing your hair, driving a car, or going grocery shopping. When balance problems develop, they can cause profound disruptions in your daily life leaving you with difficulty performing even the simplest of tasks. In addition to increased risk for falls, balance disorders can shorten your attention span, disrupt normal sleep patterns, and cause excessive fatigue.

Everyday tasks leave you spinning?

Identifying and treating balance disorders

Loss of balance and mobility can occur at any age, and are not inevitable as we grow older Sudden falls in older individuals, however, are of concern because balance problems are known to increase significantly with age. 

If you have experienced a recent fall feel unsteady on your feet, have spells of dizziness, or have other reasons to believe you might have a balance problem, you should talk to your healthcare provider. He or she can refer you to our qualified balance therapists who are equipped to do a complete balance assessment to treat the underlying cause of your problem. 

The assessment may include:

Computerized equilibrium tests to evaluate the sensory and motor parts of your balance system.

Sensory tests assess the inner ears, eyes, and sense of touch in your feet and joints that all contribute to balance control. 

Motor tests to measure your ability to execute coordinated movements to maintain your balance. These tests help define the cause of your balance problem and help customize your treatment for maximum benefit.

In a safe, controlled setting, our facility uses the latest technology to assess the balance and mobility skills of those who are referred to the program.

To help determine if you may be headed for a fall, take the CHRISTUS St. Michael Balance Self Test