CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Rotation Request

CHRISTUS is dedicated to pursuing educational enrichment, collaboration and study, and offers numerous opportunities for preceptorships and clinical rotations. A preceptorship or clinical rotation is a mentored experience in which a practicing physician, nurse practitioner, or a nurse volunteers to give personal instruction, training, and supervision to a student. We are honored and excited to participate in your educational experience. The CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances (CTMF) Education department coordinates student placement within CTMF hospitals and Clinics. Our role is to provide the best possible clinical experience for you while you are at any CHRISTUS Health facility. Below are some “tidbits” that should help make for a smooth experience. If you have any questions, concerns or other inquiries, either before, during or after your clinical rotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

First Things First

In order to make a request for placement, students need to verify with their school that they have an active Affiliation Agreement with CHRISTUS.

Before you Start on your Request

Students are discouraged from cold calling for a preceptor or rotation availability. All students must be in good standing, have a resume, and have obtained a preceptor. In addition, CHRISTUS employees must be in good standing at their workplace and have completed the professional recommendation and Exhibit B (Affiliation Agreement) forms.

Can I Start the Application Now?

Yes, to start, you need to submit your resume and your preceptor agreement(a copy of email or a screenshot of agreement will work). Your school will need to send a letter of good standing.

When Will I know if I am Approved?

The Education department will contact you by email within 4 weeks after the application deadline. Please note that you will receive a confirmation notice from CTMF Education department that you are approved for your rotation. You cannot start without this notification.


CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances requires all Student’s to wear a current school issued ID badge.

Dress Code

Students must wear their assigned school uniform when on the clinical unit as a student. There may be exceptions to this in specialty care areas. Please check with your clinical instructor or preceptor. Artificial fingernails/shellac/dips are not permitted in patient care areas.

Cell Phone Usage

Out of respect for our patients, guests and staff, we ask you not use your cell phone during clinicals. Personal phone calls must be made and received during a break in a designated break area or after the shift.

Patient Identifiers

All patients are identified by asking them their name and date of birth. Check the patient’s identification against the order every time you initiate any type of care regardless of how many times you have been in the room.

Deadlines for preceptor applications are:

  • Application deadline is March 1st for students that would like to start their rotation after April 1st 
  • Application deadline is July 1st for students that would like to start their rotation after August 1st 
  • Application deadline is November 1st for students that would like to start their rotation after December 1st 

Note: Applications will not be accepted beyond the deadline dates. You must re-apply each semester to be considered for clinical opportunities within our health system.

Before applying it is your responsibility to check with your school to ensure there is an affiliation with CHRISTUS Health.