Continuing Medical Education

CHRISTUS Health employs a large workforce of more than 15,000 medical staff. Our coordinated work supports the lifelong learning and continual professional development of our medical staff through a wide menu of continuing medical education (CME) offerings. Our CME activities are interactive, learner-oriented and incorporate the principles for optimal learning outcomes. Our CME activities help our medical staff to enhance and expand their medical knowledge, technical proficiencies, clinical competency, interpersonal skills and professional performance. They are designed to ultimately change practice behavior and improve patient care outcomes.

Our CME teams are hard at work developing program need assessments, implementing plans, aligning resources and evaluating outcomes. To ensure rounded and the most effective learning, our offerings are made available in a variety of modalities such as, workshop, seminar, symposium, grand rounds, self-directed learning, skills lab, etc.

The three CME accredited providers within CHRISTUS Health are: