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Rehabilitating Hope When illness or injury robs people of the ability to perform favorite activities or tasks of daily living, they’re deprived of more than function — they also lose a little of who they are. Outpatient rehabilitation helps them complete their healing journey and find hope in the process.

Patient Bryan Ward and Kim Norton, LOTR, CHT, occupational therapist at CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier

Whether you’re recovering from injury or surgery or seeking to maintain wellness, CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System has a variety of services to help you meet your evolving goals, including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation therapy, cardiac rehabilitation and CHRISTUS Louisiana Athletic Club, which often serves as a stepping stone after you graduate from a rehabilitation program.When patients need help overcoming pain and functional challenges, our outpatient therapists are there every step of the way.


Stroke can cause a variety of functional deficits, but CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier helps patients overcome or adapt to them. The CHRISTUS Outpatient Neurology Clinic brings together physical, occupational and speech therapists to help patients recover from the effects of stroke and other neurological conditions.“Our speech therapists work with patients on speaking and understanding, and the ability to chew and swallow,” says Lisa Hooper, PT, DPT, doctor of physical therapy and physical medicine and rehabilitation outpatient clinical supervisor at CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier.

“Occupational therapists provide training in dressing, feeding and other activities of daily living. Physical therapists help patients work on sitting, standing, walking and using assistive equipment.”Last year, eight years after having a stroke, 61-year-old retired educator and Shreveport resident Bryan Ward visited the Outpatient Neurology Clinic to treat right-sided muscle stiffness caused by the stroke.

Earlier this year, he began taking advantage of another resource for patients who have experienced a stroke or neurological or orthopedic injury: the CHRISTUS Outpatient Hand Therapy Clinic.“Bryan’s goals are to improve the grip in his right hand so he can do fitness training at home and restore some ability to use his arm to assist with yard work and other tasks,” says Kim Norton, LOTR, CHT, occupational therapist at the clinic. “Since he started therapy, he has developed better muscle control and elbow extension.”Bryan hopes to build on the progress he’s made.

“The visits have helped to improve the range of motion for my right shoulder,” he says. “I hope to continue these visits until I’ve regained more control and use of my right hand and fingers. The progress I’ve seen gives me hope that additional improvements are possible.”