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Cancer Foundation for New Mexico

The Cancer Foundation for New Mexico eliminates a family’s need to choose between gas for travel to Santa Fe for treatment or purchasing food to feed their family. CHRISTUS Fund is glad to assist the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico in all of their incredible efforts within the New Mexico region!

Since 2003, the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico (CFFNM) has served thousands of New Mexicans that have been affected by cancer. This organization is one of few in the region that provides such a consistent amount of service offerings.

Founded by a group of oncologists, CFFNM realized that extended travel stays to Santa Fe were a barrier to treatment for low-income patients. CFFNM provided "non-medical support services" that include hotel reimbursement, support groups, and Spanish interpretation during exams and treatment. Through a longstanding relationship with CHRISTUS St. Vincent, CFFNM continues to provide nutrition, financial and emotional assistance to New Mexicans. 

CHRISTUS Fund has supported two CFFNM programs: the ‘Grocery Support’ program and the ‘Travel to Treatment’ program. The ‘Grocery Support’ program is new for CFFNM and supports cancer patients with incomes below 150% of the Federal poverty level. Eligible cancer patients receive grocery cards during treatment to ensure they receive healthy meals with necessary nutrition. A CFFNM Social Worker on staff provides education on healthy food choices and lifestyle. To date, CFFNM has supported over 100 families through this new program. 

The ‘Travel to Treatment’ program provides mileage reimbursement to in-need cancer patients. With support from the CHRISTUS Fund, CFFNM has doubled their efforts, which is the equivalent of about 16,000 patient visits.