Cancer Navigator Program

Navigating You Through the Cancer Care Process

Receiving a cancer diagnosis brings many challenges. Patients and their families may feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do next or where to find help. At this difficult time, many need help managing their cancer treatment while navigating through the hospital.

Our Cancer Navigator Program provides individually designed cancer care treatment maps for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families. Our goal is to guide you through the cancer care process and support you through stressful situations.

We provide personalized help for you and your family to help you overcome any hospital barriers. We also work to help you maintain and continue medical treatment plan and psychosocial care. Our Patient Navigator Program begins working at diagnosis and continues through all phases of your cancer experience.

A physician leads a team of registered nurses, chaplains, counselors, social workers and nutritionists who empower patients with the tools and resources to manage their cancer treatment process. The Cancer Navigator Program is available for no charge to our cancer patients and their families

Our program:

  • Connects patients with available community resources, services and support
  • Guides patients and their families through the complexities of the health care system
  • Helps patients understand their options for cancer treatments
  • Helps set up appointments
  • Identifies financial assistance that matches your health care needs
  • Provides patient education
  • Provides referrals for nutritional information
  • Helps with transportation needs
  • Can be a liaison between physicians and patients
  • Provides patients with compassionate, ongoing support from diagnosis through treatment to survivorship