Burn Clinic

Children's Burn Clinic

A pediatric burn clinic provides outpatient follow-up care for children who have experienced a severe burn. The clinic helps families learn how to care for the burn wound at home so maximum healing can take place. A burn clinic can also help coordinate care with other medical specialists such as reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation services, and psychology.

What Types of Burns are Treated at a Burn Clinic?

Burn clinics typically treat all types of burns, including:

Thermal: A thermal burn is an injury that occurs when the skin is exposed to a hot object or liquid.

Chemical: Chemical burns are caused when a strong acid or alkali comes into contact with the skin and can cause severe tissue damage.

Electrical: Electrical burns occur when an electric current passes through the body and can cause serious tissue damage and burns on the skin.

Radiation: Radiation burns are caused by Overexposure to ultraviolet rays or radiation therapy can cause radiation burns and severe scarring.

What Services Does a Burn Clinic Provide?

Burn clinics provide a multidisciplinary approach that includes the coordination of:

  • Medical and surgical care
  • Skin grafts
  • Wound dressing
  • Scar management
  • Pain management
  • Rehabilitation

Psychological counseling may be needed to help patients cope with the trauma of their injury and assist them in developing a plan to deal with long-term recovery needs.

When Should a Child Go to a Burn Clinic?

A primary care physician or emergency department physician may refer a child to a burn clinic to ensure the burn heals and the skin returns to a healthy state. A burn clinic should also be visited if:

  • The burn does not heal quickly or adequately enough
  • The injury has caused significant scarring
  • The person experiences any symptoms that may indicate an infection is developing

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