Pediatric Sleep Problems

Sleep problems are one of the most common concerns for parents. In fact, sleep problems have been estimated to affect 25 percent of children. Sleep is important for physical, mental and emotional growth in children. Both the quality and the quantity of your child’s sleep are important.

We provide pediatric sleep studies for children as early as newborns. Our experienced, registered technologists provide a friendly and safe environment for your child’s sleep needs. A board certified sleep medicine physician is available and specializes in all aspects of care of the sleep disorder patient.

Sleep Apnea in Children

In pediatric sleep apnea, usually, the same symptoms that apply to adults apply to children. Usually, pediatric sleep apnea is a result of enlarged tonsils, adenoids, or fatty tissue. However, in children, the brain may fail to send the proper signals to the respiratory centers, causing them to shut down. Many children with sleep apnea are sleepy during the day and have concentration difficulties in school.