Adult Athletic Sports Training

Athletic Training for Adults

Adult Athletic Training Programs in Tyler Texas

CHRISTUS Human Performance Center’s Adult Sports Performance Training packages are built for elite athletes and adults getting into shape. We will train you on how to move properly by teaching proper mechanics and movement patterns while also developing power, strength and speed.

Tyler, Texas Athletic Training

Foundation to Peak 
We will help you get started in a foundation program as you work your way to a peak athletic performer.

Strength and Core Development
We work with you to get stronger and work on your core.

Tracking Progress
We take a research-driven approach and track everything. We want you to see your progress.

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Shred 60

SHRED 60 is a 60-minute, high-intensity, Heart Rate Training (HRT) program that combines workout variety, time efficiency, and fun in a single workout that is unlike any other trainer-led group training experience. Improve fitness, lose weight, and maximize performance in a heartbeat.

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Trinity Group

Trinity Group

For more advanced athletes, Trinity is a 60-minute group training class designed to help individuals of all fitness levels. These group training sessions will focus on our three main pillars of fitness: strength, core and, conditioning.

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More About the Trinity Group Program

Foundation– If you are just getting started, our Foundation program is perfect for you. We get you started and slowly increase intensity and strength exercises. Foundation members usually meet one time a week.


Select – Depending on your assessment, you could be placed in the Select program, which meets with a strength and conditioning coach twice a week. 

Peak – For the Peak performers, those who are running marathons, triathlons and in peak shape, our Peak program offers sessions five days a week. This program is designed to help athletes on the top of their game to improve and reduce the risk of injury. 


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