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Breast Health Navigators Breast Care Education & Support

Often, patients face gaps in service or don’t know which step to take next. Our certified Breast Health Navigators are specially trained to coordinate the clinical, educational and supportive needs of patients facing a possible breast cancer diagnosis or who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer. This service is provided to ensure your total health and emotional needs are addressed in a timely, informed and compassionate manner.The Women’s Breast Health Navigation Program is a new and innovative approach to meet women’s needs. There are no additional charges to participants or their insurance for these services.

How Breast Health Navigation Services Work

  • Following a mammogram with abnormal results, the Navigator will contact you with the findings.
  • The recommendations for further testing and treatment made by the committee will be sent to you.
  • A diagnostic breast evaluation order will allow the radiologists to perform all diagnostic testing necessary (ultrasound / biopsy / sterotactic biopsy) to complete the breast evaluation.
  • The Navigator will assist in facilitating follow-up appointments.
  • Upon physician approval, order sets will be created and utilized to facilitate prompt scheduling of next appointments.
  • The service is at no additional charge to the patient or their insurance