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Calcium Scoring Predict Your 10-Year Risk for a Heart Attack in Minutes

Cardiac CT scanning or calcium scoring, is noninvasive scan of your heart that detects calcium in the walls of your arteries which is a leading indicator of heart disease. By determining your calcium score, this heart scan can diagnose coronary artery disease with astounding accuracy, so that you can take the necessary steps toward preventing a heart attack, living a healthier life and having peace of mind.

Do you Need a Heart Scan?

If you meet one or more of these risk factors, this test is right for you.

  • Males ages 40-65 and females ages 45-70
  • Family history of heart attack of stroke
  • LDL cholesterol greater than 130
  • Blood pressure greater than 140/90
  • Current smoker
  • Obese
  • Diabetic

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