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Measure Your Risk for Breast Cancer

It’s important to find breast cancer early. The earlier it’s found, the easier it is to cure. The CHRISTUS Health breast cancer assessment asks simple questions to measure your risk. We recommend women 40 years and older receive a yearly mammogram. However, some women should start earlier. Your report can help you decide when to begin screening.

The review is an important tool. Questions include age, family history, when you started your period and if you take hormones. When you finish the questions, you will receive a report that includes your risk factors and tips on reducing those risks.

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How Can I Use This Report to Improve My Health?

After you take the breast cancer assessment, you immediately receive a report. The report highlights risk factors, giving you information to help decide on when and how often you should receive a mammogram. The report also recommends changes to your lifestyle to reduce your chance of getting breast cancer.

The report will help you see how your family history, exercise level and age play important roles in developing breast cancer.

What is My Risk for Developing Breast Cancer?

Each year, one in eight women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer. Finding breast cancer early is the key to curing the disease. Our assessment, along with annual mammography, can help.

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What Happens if My Breast Cancer Report States I Am at Risk?

A CHRISTUS Health nurse will contact you if the report shows you are at higher risk for developing breast cancer. You can also talk with your primary care doctor or OB/GYN. Your doctor may send you for genetic testing to further determine your risk.

Early detection of breast cancer is the first step to a cure. Protect yourself from the effects of breast cancer. Take the assessment.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
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