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Measure Your Risk for Heart Disease

Untreated heart disease casts a wide-reaching impact on your personal well-being as well as on your family. From struggling with everyday activities like climbing stairs to feeling limited in interactions with loved ones or productivity at work, the effects of heart disease can be profound.

By checking your hearts health risk, you're taking a proactive approach to understanding your risk of heart disease through a series of straightforward questions. First, you will review essential information like cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure. After the assessment, you will immediately receive a report on your heart age and the factors contributing to heart disease.

Heart Health Risk Test
Check My Heart Health

How Can I Use This Report to Improve My Health?

After you check your heart health, you immediately receive your results in a report. The report summarizes your results, highlights risk factors, and helps you understand what you can do to improve your health.

For example, the report will help you see how your scores for BMI, family history, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, or stroke work together to determine your overall heart health.

What is My Heart Age?

"Heart Age" is a quick way to evaluate the health of your heart. It is the calculated age of a person's cardiovascular system based on his or her risk factor profile. The risks include high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, diabetes status, and body mass index as an indicator of obesity.

The heart age concept was created to more effectively communicate a person's risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke — and to show what can be done to lower that risk.

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What Happens if My Heart Report States I Am at Risk?

If your report returns results stating you have a critical risk of heart disease, a registered nurse associated with CHRISTUS Health will contact you.

Whether you are a grandparent, a mom or dad, or a concerned family member, preventing heart disease helps you and your loved ones have a better life. Check your heart health to help protect you and your family from the effects of heart disease.

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