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Measure Your Risk for a Spine Disorder 

Are you at risk of developing a spine disorder? Simple daily activities can cause back and neck pain that keeps you from doing what you love or need to do. Sometimes pain goes away with over-the-counter medications and ice. But if your pain doesn’t go away, it’s time to take the CHRISTUS Health spine disorder risk assessment.

The review is an important tool. Questions include information about age, weight, type of pain you are experiencing and work history. When you finish the questions, you’ll receive a detailed report based on your answers.

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How Can I Use This Report to Improve My Health?

If you have back pain, we can help. After you take the spine disorder assessment, you immediately receive a report. The report highlights risk factors and recommends changes to your lifestyle to reduce your chance of developing a spine disorder. It will also provide a link to orthopedic care at CHRISTUS Health.

Take the First Step

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems—about one-quarter of the U.S. population has back pain from an injury or daily life. Certain types of arthritis and cancers that have spread to the spine can also cause back pain. The assessment is the first step to finding out what is causing your pain and how to feel better.

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What Happens if My Spine Disorder Report States I Am at Risk?

A CHRISTUS Health nurse will contact you if the report shows you are at risk. You can also talk with your primary care doctor or contact a member of our orthopedic team. Your doctor may send you for imaging tests for a better look at your spine, which can provide additional information about what is causing your pain. 

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