Pediatric Sports Medicine

Keep Your Child Active & Healthy

Sports are more than just scoring goals and getting exercise. Sports are an amazing way for children to learn life lessons whether it be learning discipline, perseverance or learning a new skill. At CHRISTUS Health, our care team’s goal is a quick return to the playing field, court, or stage. Our team of orthopedic surgeons are ready to repair sports injuries in ligaments or cartilage of the knee, shoulder, hip, ankle or elbow joint. We provide non-surgical and surgical treatment to help children get off the sidelines and back in the game.  

Restoring Your Child Back to Health

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Treating Acute & Chronic Sports-Related Injuries

Sports injuries can range from acute to severe. No matter what type of injury your child may have, turn to our experts. We have experience in treating a multitude of sports-related injuries for pediatrics, adolescents and teenagers, which include:

  • Knee ligament injuries 
    • Anterior Cruciate Ligament - ACL 
    • Posterior Cruciate Ligament - PCL 
    • Collateral Ligaments - MCL/LCL 
  • Patellar dislocations/instability 
  • Adolescent anterior knee pain
  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease
  •  Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome 
  • Osteochondritis dissecans 
    • Knee, ankle, and elbow
  • Shoulder 
    • Dislocations
    •  Labral tears 
    • Instability 
  • Elbow 
    • Dislocations 
    • Instability 

Comprehensive Sports Medicine Care

We offer comprehensive sports medicine care to include the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries. We place a large emphasis on wellness and injury reduction, with a special understanding of the unique needs of school-age athletes, young women, and performing artists. In addition to evaluation, diagnosis and treatments, we offer: 

  • Rehabilitation prescription
  • Sports nutrition
  • Performance counseling
  • Fitness guidance
  • Sports injury prevention/reduction
  • Return-to-play decisions
  • Assessment of sport-specific needs