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Inpatient Rehabilitation

A male healthcare provider stretching the arm of a teenage boy sitting on a massage table.

An entire team of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping your child overcome the effects of a serious illness or injury that has impacted their ability to walk, to take care of themselves by feeding and grooming themselves or to speak.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Child who is doing physiotherapy in a clinic with the help of therapists, walks towards her mother.

The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio offers three locations where children can receive outpatient rehabilitation services – two in San Antonio and one in New Braunfels. Dedicated teams of experienced professionals use their skills and knowledge to help maximize a child’s abilities and prepare them to be as independent as possible.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinic

Cute little boy in wheelchair in shopping mall

The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic helps children and their families with medication management, durable medical equipment, gait problems and conditions related to spasticity.