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Treatment and Care for High-Risk Pregnancies

You and your baby will receive a care plan from a team of specialists trained to treat high-risk pregnancies.

A high-risk pregnancy is when the health of the mother or the fetus is at risk. Some women are at a higher risk of complications before getting pregnant, while some pregnancies develop more risk as they progress.

With the Fetal Care Center, you will have a dedicated team throughout your pregnancy who will learn all of the important details about your family to help you and your team prepare for your delivery day.

When you are referred to the CHRISTUS Children’s Fetal Care Center, appointments with your care team will be coordinated in our clinic–-from evaluation to counseling and treatment.

Contact Our Fetal Care Center Coordinators

Do you want to talk to one of our coordinators about care at our center? Our coordinator, Brittany Bennett, can answer your questions.

(210) 704-2219

A Multidisciplinary Approach with Our Specialists

Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, our maternal-fetal medicine specialists have received years of additional training specific to treating you and your baby. You will receive diagnosis, treatment, and care before your baby is born. Your care plan includes everything from diagnosis to delivery.

Fetal Care Coordinators

Our Fetal Care Coordinators, who are experienced NICU nurses, will educate and advocate for you during your pregnancy.

Families who face complex fetal diagnoses will have open communication with the team throughout the pregnancy.

Your fetal care coordinators serve as your primary contact to manage the scheduling of your appointments and answer all questions related to your care.

Neonatal (NICU) team

If needed, you will receive specialized ongoing care in our Level IV neonatal intensive care unit after delivery. You and your baby will be treated by the NICU team that includes neonatologists, nurses, nurse practitioners, child life therapists, and lactation specialists who all specialize in caring for newborns with complex medical conditions.

Our NICU offers the highest level of care possible, ensuring your newborn’s needs are met and exceeded.

Fetal Cardiologists

If your baby has been identified with a heart condition, the team from The Heart Center will be involved in providing additional care before birth and ongoing care after birth.

Pediatric Specialists

Your baby’s diagnosis and condition will be monitored throughout pregnancy and after delivery by the fetal care team which includes pediatric specialists and subspecialists. The fetal team also consists of physicians from our heart, neuroscience, orthopedic, surgical, gastroenterology, or endocrinology departments.

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