Our Approach

Our Cardiac Rehab program demonstrates excellence and our commitment to offer our patients with the finest care. Patients and family members can feel confident in knowing that their cardiac rehab team has the experience and skills to deal with the variety of issues that a life-changing cardiac or pulmonary diagnosis can lead to.

The CHRISTUS Spohn Cardiac Rehab program offers ECG (electrocardiograph) monitored exercise, education, counseling, and support for patients and their families to help people who experience a cardiac event or heart disease to recover faster, return to more full and productive lives and reduce the risk and severity of future heart disease. 

For our cardiac patients, we have designed a program of cardiac rehabilitation services to improve fitness and reduce the risk of future heart problems. Our cardiac rehab program can help you if you have:

  • A heart attack or other cardiac event
  • A cardiac procedure such as angioplasty, pacemaker implant or other heart surgery
  • Cardiovascular disease including atherosclerosis, stroke and congestive heart failure
  • Our cardiac staff works with you to design a program specifically for your needs.

Physicians at CHRISTUS Spohn supervise our cardiac rehab services, which include:

  • Fitness training with physical therapists in our dedicated exercise room
  • Nutrition education to develop a heart-healthy diet
  • Support to help you make lifestyle changes such as reducing stress and quitting smoking

Our Location

CHRISTUS Spohn Cardiac Rehabilitation - Kleberg
1307 East General Cavazos Blvd.
Kingsvillle, Texas 78363

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