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Community Health

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VHHV, a Committee of The New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness (NMCEH)

Chris Calvert
"The partnership between CHRISTUS ST. VINCENT and Veterans Helping Homeless Veterans(VHHV) is important in reducing homelessness among veterans in our community. In fact, your contribution will help us meet our goal of reducing homelessness among veterans in Santa Fe to zero by the end of 2015. Again, thank you for your donation and your commitment to this community."

New Vistas

New Vistas assists people with disabilities as well as families of special-needs children in New Mexico. CHRISTUS St. Vincent works with the group to improve the quality of life for at-risk infants and their families.

Ronald Garcia, Executive Director
"Our partnership is directed at intervening on behalf of prenatally drug-exposed babies and their mothers to change their lives for the better, through an evidence-based and guided process of clinical, social/emotional, mental health, developmental and early intervention support for both mom and baby. We at New Vistas are so very thankful to meaningfully partner with CHRISTUS St.Vincent."

The Sky Center / New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project (NMSIP)

The SKY Center provides support services for troubled youth and their families. To date, CHRISTUS St. Vincent has referred 60 young people with acute behavioral health issues to the program.

Apryl Miller, Executive Director
"The partnership between The SKY Center/NMSIP and CHRISTUS St. Vincent has helped us make a significant difference in how adolescents and their families access a host of community resources and innovative services. Together we’re reducing costly hospitalizations of adoles- cents—who are among the highest utilizers of the hospital’s Emergency Department—and providing timely crisis intervention, follow-up and preventative care."

United Way Of Santa Fe County (UWSFC)

The United Way of Santa Fe County focuses on helping families with young children. It offers a variety of services free of charge to the community.

Katherine Freeman, President/CEO
"Our partnership with CHRISTUS St. Vincent has been invaluable to our organization. The hospital has been not only a funder, but a strategic and hands-on working partner in the creation and implementation of our First Born® and postpar- tum home visitation programs. Without their support, hundreds of families and children in Santa Fe would lack the help and resources they need to grow and thrive. It is impossible for us to imagine helping our community without CHRISTUS St. Vincent."

Gerard's House

Grieving children, teens and young adults find a safe place to heal from their loss at Gerard’s House.The program provides free, peer-based group support as well as grief education and crisis response.

Katrina Koehler, Executive Director
"CHRISTUS St. Vincent is exceptionally generous in helping children and teenagers who are experiencing grief, trauma and loss. The CHRISTUS St.Vincent Community Benefit Fund sponsors our support groups for youth ages 3 to 21, our Camp Rainbow bereavement camp and our Stepping Stones program.
We’re deeply grateful for CHRISTUS St. Vincent’s partner- ship, both financially and in our collaborations with its social workers, its palliative care nurses and its Director of Community Health."

Las Cumbres Community Services

Las Cumbres provides a broad spectrum of assistance to New Mexicans of all ages, from child and family services to adult services to respite and personal care services.

Robyn Covelli-hunt, Director Of Development And Communications
"CHRISTUS St. Vincent is an incredibly important partner in supporting and coordinating care for families with young children in Santa Fe. Support from the CHRISTUS St.Vincent Community Benefit Fund enables us to provide therapeutic services to parents and caregivers. Through shared referrals, community outreach, intervention and education, this vital partnership helps to reduce the probability that children in our community will suffer from adverse experiences and maltreatment."

La Familia Medical Center

Since 1996, CHRISTUS St. Vincent has joined with La Familia Medical Center and the University of New Mexico in the Northern New Mexico Family Residency Program for new physicians.

Jay P. Jolly, Chief Executive Officer
"La Familia Medical Center and CHRISTUS St. Vincent have a long history of collaborative efforts that continues today. Grants from the CHRISTUS St. Vincent Community Benefit Fund have enabled La Familia to reach out to underserved populations with targeted services—such as the current effort to improve maternal and early-childhood health by reducing rates of diabetes and obesity.
CHRISTUS St. Vincent has been a partner in other, less formal ways as well, such as respond- ing to our request for additional flu vaccines last year with a donation of 200 vials. These and other examples demonstrate a joint commitment to ensuring that essential health services are available to those who have the greatest need and the least access."

The Friendship Club

Each year, about 250 Santa Feans struggling with alcoholism find help at The Friendship Club, an Alcoholics Anonymous affiliate.

Prasoon Wilson
"We’re grateful to be part of the CHRISTUS St. Vincent Community Benefit Fund.Their encouragement and support has meant a great deal to us—from the early funding that allowed us to keep longer hours, to the recent award that will enable us to hire an in-house Care Navigator.
Since their first visit to our club five years ago, we’ve increased the number of meetings and activities held here and the number of like-minded organizations we associate and partner with.The Friendship Club has grown to be a home away from home to those in the recovery community."

Pastoral Counseling Center

The therapists of the Pastoral Counseling Center provide innovative mental health services that honor the faith traditions and spiritual journeys of their clients.

Victor Nelson
"I've had opportunities to work as a chaplain/pastoral counselor in two hospitals and to minister to parishioners or visit clients in 10 other hospitals in seven states. CHRISTUS St. Vincent has the most proactive commitment to community health of any hospital with which I've had close contact.
The fact that CHRISTUS St. Vincent and SVHsupport help identify community needs, and then fund programs and services that have such a great impact in the lives of so many residents, astounds me. I so much appreciate our collaboration and friendship."

Presbyterian Medical Services

Presbyterian Medical Services offers health care services of all kinds to underserved communities throughout New Mexico. Most of its programs focus on poorer patients and those living in remote rural areas.

Larry Martinez, Director | North Central Region
"The partnership between CHRISTUS St.Vincent and Presbyterian Medical Services is an excellent example of the leadership position the hospital has taken in building a highly effective health care infrastructure in the community. Without community benefit funds provided by CHRISTUS St. Vincent, we would be less able to prevent teen suicides, to assist people with mental illness and substance abuse problems, and to provide reproductive health services to young people."

National Alliance On Mental Illness Of Santa Fe

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is the largest grassroots mental health organization in the U.S. Since 2008, NAMI and CHRISTUS St. Vincent have coordinated their mental health efforts.

Betty Shover, President
"Through our integrated hospital committee, NAMI and CHRISTUS St. Vincent work to improve availability and delivery of psychiatric and emergency department services in the community, with services for people in mental health crisis being our first priority.
Also, the grants we’ve received from the CHRISTUS St. Vincent Community Benefit Fund have helped to expand our mission of education, support and advocacy, in particular by funding education programs for individuals with mental illness and their families."