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CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth, is a 431-bed acute care and trauma center, and is a regional leader in spine and orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, general surgery, critical care and trauma, birthing, neonatal care, and bariatrics. CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth offers a positive, patient-focused environment providing the highest level of care possible for the community.

About Us

Danielle's Story

Danielle Lawrence will never forget how miserable and stuck she once felt.

Jeanifer's Story

As I've aged, I've tried every diet fad. I would lose the weight and gain it back. My health started to decline. I was having issues with blood pressure and I was pre-diabetic.

Auggie's Story


Chuck's Story

I was on so much diabetic medicine and was tired all the time and thought I would be attached to my recliner for the rest of my life.

William's Story

It wasn’t just about having surgery. It was having the strength to commit to real change.

Miranda's Story

We’ve always supported each other as a family. Now I have the strength to give them my all.

Delilah's Story

I’ve always loved to cook. I enjoy it even more now that I have a healthy relationship with food.

Brandon's Story

Eventually, Brandon grew tired of how unhealthy those extra pounds made him feel and decided to take action.

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