Lost 140 Pounds

Brandon's Story

During childhood, Brandon says he was considered a “chunky kid.” When he entered the military after high school, he lost extra weight. But his slimmed-down physique didn’t last very long. Once he left the military, the weight returned.

Eventually, Brandon grew tired of how unhealthy those extra pounds made him feel and decided to take action. When he contacted Dr. Schrapps, he knew exactly why he wanted the surgery, which wasn’t what many had suspected.

“A lot of people think I had the surgery to look better,” Brandon says. “No. I’m trying to live. I’m trying to breathe. I’m trying to move.”

Since undergoing bariatric surgery, Brandon can now do all of those things better. He says he’s thankful for Dr. Schrapps’ ongoing guidance during his weight-loss journey. He’s thankful that he no longer needs medication to control his blood sugar. Because of bariatric surgery, Brandon is thankful to have his life back.